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why Jendela?

It was time for me to get rid of expensive GPS devices to get track of my rides.
I used for 3 years a model from the leading brand. I noticed that elevation and ascent were not very accurate but no other solution.
Then my device went dead.

Ready to spend I get the latest model from the same brand…
First week, during a ride, it took more than 30′ to get the GPS lock! Then same issues with ascent and elevation.
Right after, I talked with a friend doing software development on iPhone and he explained me that the iPhones have a GPS which is fast to lock, accurate and that there is a special chip inside able to track very accurately your climbing (even stairs).
This is why I decided to develop a free app on iOS

Main features are:

  • For iPhone 6 and above, real-time and very precise elevation, positive ascent, % climbing, VA. Works of course with iPhone 5S and SE
  • Select which data you want on the screen, simply press the screen where you want to have your data
  • Swipe to get the training screen where the background color changes based on the current range (using either Heart Rate max or FTP)
  • Can work in portrait and also in landscape
  • Double tap to get a dark screen and save battery
  • Free Strava export to keep track of your rides and share with your friends